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What happened to the Confederate flags?

By Jim Forte July 15, 2020

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We would like to update all our followers and customers of a shocking development. If things were not already tough some companies have decided to crush the American Spirit at the heart, its Heritage. Our e-commerce platform, that is the technology to create our online store, SHOPIFY (a Canadian company)  previously  said they support freedom of speech and assured us that our confederate flags would never be stopped have gone back on their word. Last Thursday SHOPIFY sent us an e-mail, not registered letter, that stated "We consider content that depicts the confederate flag to be a violation of the Hateful Content category of Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  "

For starters "The Confederate Flag" is entirely vague. What does that mean. We assume they are about as smart as the rest of the population and think the Dukes of Hazard flag is "the confederate flag" and anyone with few fingers can find out that is not true.

Love it or hate it any confederate flag is a part of American history and to millions of people, especially from southern states, represents heritage, history and culture. The American Civil War happened and was started by the fact that South Carolina and 6 other states, fearing for their economic future, ability to self govern and undue taxation, seceded from the United States. Lincoln and the remaining states decided that a declaration of war against the secessionist to force them back into the Union was the answer. Some crazy people have used the flag as a symbol it was not meant to represent, and now that is applied to the millions who use it for other means.

We sell a diverse section of flags, Trump, Biden, Confederate, Yankee, revolutionary war, Afro American and our favorites American Flag, pirate and Peace flags. None are meant to be derisive or hateful.

Tomorrow these companies and dark state will come for YOUR other heritage items including Trump, the Betsy Ross flag and your monuments. Live the American Spirit of "Don't Tread on Me"

We have a large stock of these flags and should ship quickly: Complaints and rebuttals may be sent to 

Once again, we will be sending a link to a new site to purchase flags. On our main site the flags may disappear OR the images will be blank. Don't let this Canadian company dictate morals to the American population.

We appreciate your patience, patronage and patriotism. American Spirit is alive and well.

Sincerely, the Management of owned by US Patriot Flags LLC

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