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About US Patriot Flags

US Patriot Flags runs

We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction by supplying quality products to consumers, patriots, embassy's world wide, United States Government agencies, the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, local governments, and state governments.

We are an American owned and operated business in Clearwater Florida, the Tampa Bay area. Our websites are branded as and to reflect the different customers we service.

CEO and Owner Jim Forte has studied the US Civil War and Revolutionary war history and flags for decades. in 2019 he purchased a flag company from NextADZ in Georgia and the rest is history. Jim has become a rather large authority on flag history and sources. He is available to speak to Sons of Confederate veterans and Cincinnati groups as well. He has read the biographies of Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson and George Washington.

The product lines have been expanded to include more Made in USA flags. Many flags are only available as imported flags. In the beginning the company had a small percentage of USA made flags.

As a company US Patriot Flags and have been working to offer all flags in USA Made versions. You will see Made in USA if it is made in USA. Cotton flags have not been able to be found in the US. However we have any flag you want made in USA just let us know. AND YES hard working Americans demand a higher wage than foreign (Chinese) workers need so the flags are much more expensive BUT much better quality.  Example an inexpensive Trump 2024 Chinese flag is made of lightweight polyester 3x5 foo of 100D sells for $19.95 the same USA made flag is $69.95 but double the thickness and better sewing. If we don't sell a lot of the flags they go for $70 or more for a 3x5 foot flag. We also offer larger sizes than the major US manufacturers produce as well.

Please feel free to call us via phone for any questions or email us.