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What is D or denier?


Denier or D is the weight of the material of a textile, in our case a flag.

When we think of measurement of power of a car engine the unit of measure is equated to something we are familiar in nature, the power of one horse or the luminescence of one candle. In the textile world "denier" is used to describe the toughness or a fiber strand, essentially 1 denier is equal to one strand of silk. A 9000 meter strand of silk weighs about one gram therefore 100 strands of silk at 9000 meters would weigh 100 grams or 3.5 ounces. Many things in the textile world relate back to French beginnings, like denim (from the town of Nim) and corduroy (Cord du Roy, cords of the king) denier comes French denier, essentially a penny, the smallest denomination of currency. Denier is shortened to D.

Common weights are 100D, 115D, 300D (single ply), 600D (double ply) and is most commonly applied to synthetic materials like polyester and nylon on our website.