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Flag Sizes Chart

The 3 X 5 ft (90 x 150 cm) is the "Standard" size flag and useful for most purposes both indoor and outdoor. However, most designs come in additional sizes, larger and smaller. Here us a chart showing the relative sizes. Remember that due to manufacturing differences size will slightly different.

Tip: If you are not sure the size of flag you need, get the 3 X 5 ft standard size. 



 Flagpole Length

 Flag Size

6' House Pole


 20'  3'x5' up to 4'x6'
 25'  4'x6' up to 5'x8'
 30' - 35'  5'x8' up to 6'x10'
 40' - 45'  6'x10' up to 8'x12'
 50'-55'  8'x12' up to 10'x15'
 60' - 75'  10'x15' up to 12'x18'
80'  15'x25'
 90' - 100'  20'x30'